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Our Services

Dog Wash

Spa Bath

Pamper your dog with our luxurious Spa Bath which includes everything listed below!

Grooming Salon

Spa Bath plus Trim

Everything included in the Spa Bath, plus an Outline or Face Trim.


Spa Bath plus Haircut

Everything included in the Spa Bath, plus a Full Haircut catered to your dog's breed.

Shampoo Treatment

Once we assess your dog's skin and coat needs, we can recommend one of our luxurious shampoo treatments.  We'll also check for fleas/ticks, and can accommodate using medicated treatments prescribed by a veterinarian.  Your dog will always be bathed in fresh, filtered water warmed to the perfect temperature.

Conditioning Treatment

Most dogs will receive our Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath, which leaves the coat extremely soft, soothes the skin, and has a wonderful aroma!  Depending on your dog's coat, we may instead recommend a de-shedding or de-tangling conditioner, or a mild, aloe-based conditioner for dogs with allergies.

Blow Out

We fully blow dry your dog with professional-grade blow dryers.  No kennel/cage drying here!

Brush & De-Shed

Brush outs are complete when a fine-tooth comb can be smoothly run through your pet's coat.  Some pets may require a de-shed, where we will remove the unnecessary, dead undercoat. This will give your pet's coat that added shine, dramatically cool them off and tone down excessive shedding.  In cases where the coat is matted, we may recommend shaving only as a last resort for your dog's safety and comfort.

Ears, Nails, Glands & Teeth

Ears are fully cleaned to prevent infections or odors. Nails are trimmed and filed until they are smooth, and glands are expressed. We also include a 2-step teeth-brushing to brighten teeth and freshen breath!


All baths come with FREE touch up trimming (shaving the pads, a sanitary shave, and trimming the corners of the eyes from view blocking hairs). For an additional charge, you can upgrade your dog's grooming with a stylish trimming or full haircut, from breed standard cuts to just about any custom style.

Swag & Scented Spritz

All dogs receive either a bandana, necktie or hairbow(s), while supplies last!  We also have on board a wide variety of perfumes and colognes that are wonderfully scented and can last for weeks!  Both our swag and scents are tailored to match the current season.

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